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New Dawn Europe, is founded in 2018, with the brilliant plan, of making Europe, more competitive and more righteous, in the area of faith and church, with Australia and the United States of America. After being Graduated in 2005, at the Hague University, with her European Studies, Journalism at Nebrija Universidad in Madrid and Worship & Creative Arts at the Hillsong International Leadership College, in Sydney, Hanneke has the knowledge, experience and insight, to even start her own Consultancy Firm, for Leaders and Managers. Some leaders will be fired in Church and some leaders, will be brought to a higher Level of Expertise,  with their faith: show the world, good, honorable leaders, with a  pure outlook and you'll have God and people.

Many Initiatives in The Netherlands, with Television and Commercials, show the Heart of the Father and reproves the Nation, when necessary. In this Way, Church can also be 21st-Century Proof, with new Worship and Creative Arts, as integrated part of a Church Service! The Church cannot display religion any longer, but moreover honor and grace, in a (no) Mercy, period of time! It's the heart that counts, with the right knowledge: New Dawn Europe!


C.E.O. New Dawn Europe


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