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Kingdom in Europe

The Kingdom of God, dawning in Europe!

Kingdom in Europe

The Model always has been, God's Promotion in a healthy Church, that is looking to expand the Kingdom of God, with high expertise and a true Word, that also, involves the black side of many coins, that arent't saved, changed and baptized, yet! It is time to look at the Curricula, that involved money and a lot of effort and input!

The Organization notices Evangelical Churches, that are busy with the Kingdom of God or their own Kingdom, and is looking for ways, since she is on the Way, to be salt, light and healing, through the Spirit of God. It wants to be out-of-the-box, but inside thinkers, for renewal and change in Europe, that looks like a dessert, in His Kingdom! The Kingdom of God, involves those, who are obedient to the Call of God and the will of the King!

His Kingdom is displayed, with Colours and is based on personalities, that each Colour represent. Truth of the Matter, is, that not everyone is saved. Red is the Colour of Love, and represents the Heart of God, Let's Pray that the persons representing the Colours of the Rainbow, will be brought back, win back hearts and restore hope and dignity in European lives!


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