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The Netherlands

Many initiatives:
which one will last!

Our Vision

New Dawn Europe, started in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with a Vision for Europe, since Hanneke (Hanna) Verweij, studied 'European Studies', in The Hague and had a Call on her heart, during the Course  'Europe Calling'. A village girl, living in her twenties and thirties, in an uptown world, long after her Graduated Studies, because of a Student Union in Rotterdam (NSR). The Vision involves 'A New Dawn for Europe'; starting with a Revolution of Value!

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Europe has a long History of Religion and Poverty. It took a lot of years for Europe, to become an equal, for Continents, as the USA and Australia! The Churches can be renewed and will accept the Grace and Mercy of God, which they need for the forgiveness of sins, and it is possible, to become a new creation, with a new and fresh Vision in NL!
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