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Spain and Portugal

Many Churches and one Father!
Spain needs the Church of Holy Mary...


Spain and Portugal, have a lot of Catholic Churches and one National Church of Holy Mary, that is outdated. In Madrid, the only true modern Church, was the one, founded by the Americans and in Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia! 
The Spanish Evangelical Student Union, with Student Events, is quite active and hospitable. Hanneke studied 'Comunicación en La Universidad Nebrija, en Madrid!' in Season 2003/2004! From Portugal, many left the Nation with Colombus,
 to found the United States, in the 15th Century, because of Jezebel, in the Netherlands, later on. Lisboa, is nowadays a nice city to visit!

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Europe has a long History of Religion and Poverty. It took a lot of years for Europe, to become an equal for Continents, as the USA and Australia! The Churches can be renewed and will accept the Grace and Mercy of God, which they need for the forgiveness of sins, and it is possible, to become a new creation, with a new and fresh Vision!
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