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Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria

Switzerland unique with Liechtenstein
in between;
Austria on the modern Tour!


While Austria is part of the European currency, Switzerland is still having it's own currency. They are both part of the European Union and together they have about thirty Evangelical churches, who are only opened on Sunday. Vienna Christian Centre is a modern church, first led by Dr. Wayde and Rosalyn Goodall and later by Tom and Candi Manning. Still, it takes time there, to come alive in Him and be acceptable for God!

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Europe has a long History of Religion and Poverty. It took a lot of years for Europe, to become an equal for Continents, as the USA and Australia! The Churches can be renewed and will accept the Grace and Mercy of God, which they need for the forgiveness of sins, and it is possible, to become a new creation, with a new and fresh Vision!
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