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A View of the C.E.O.

Since the war towards 'The West' started, I am wondering, who started the war in Ukraïne. I have been silent in it, not knowing what to say, till the Process about the shooting towards MH17, started: Why would it be the Russians? There is no Evidence, that it were Russian Soldiers, even though maybe, Russian material has been used; like we buy Chinese products!

It is sad, to see the Russian Army, vindicating and wounding people, but God is in control, even though it doesn't seem like that. Thankful, that Poetin, had his partner in 2018: he can only be stopped, by sanctions; war is never the answer, to unrighteous people. It may be clear, that God's Anger, is enkindled in him. To many times, I had to put Code Red, in the occasion, because no good heart, was found in the West, or they already were gone, instead of being faithful (to their wives) and respectful. The damage to my Good Name, cannot be reversed and neither His Judgement, to come, unless people admit their sins. How can a righteous woman (regentes), survive wicked, married men, who aren't christians, towards a Curriculum, that stands for intellegence, being respected, but not esteemed, as it should!! Why did He had to write the Bible? To reveal Truth in matters and the injustices done. As a very important person, to God, I hope that the war can be stopped, but sins aren't forgiven. The land, truly, needs Salvation, as much as V. Poetin and his (ex-)wife! Destruction towards my temple, has never been the question....!

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