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Christmas 2021

Since the beginning of Time, God predestined a virgin, to become the Mother of the Son of God and many princes and princesses to come! Christmas is the birth of a new era, one, where people hear better and are submissive to the good will of the Father! A chosen generation; a royal priesthood. Mary received the Spirit and something was birthed out of that Spirit: a King, that would reign and the Government of The Netherlands, would be on His shoulders (A Word Fulfilled). Brands are also birthed, with their Red logo, like some visions. Be careful, not to not overtake someonelse's vision or purpose. The wise men from the East, knew and they brought gifts with gold, myrrh and frankincense, to this Child born from God. This Son, would bring sinful people back into relationship with God, since He is the Way, the Truth and the Life! It is this Son, that opens eyes, that are blind and heals the sick and the lame. You can invite Him, to be your Lord!

New Dawn Europe, wishes you a very Mary Christmas and a Happy 2022!

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