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Easter on its way!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

After good sunshine, the clouds gathered and rain came. From one crisis, to another one. It has

to do with God's wonders on earth and self-reflection (Boet!S.Ja). The way, pride is treated in Holland, is not so respectful as it should be! Grasshoppers, they are called, and women are, by no means, dolls or plastic, you can use and throw away: that behaviour should be punished! While Father and Son, are displaying the vengeance by Russia, in Ukraïne: a theater (Europoort) and a mall (Keizerswaard), are being bombed. 'Dolce, has to be promoted (and treated right), as Father wishes!' The more promotion with God, the more rebellion is noticed, the more it rains. Easter, is the Celebration of Resurrection! A spiritual resurrection, with the life giving Spirit. When the Lord, has to suffer, because of egs, knowing it better and defending themselves, it is a shame for a Nation and Europe. The Nation, is acting for a long time, but sooner or later, most of their unrighteous hearts and insensitiveness, towards God and His daughter(s), are in full display. Moreover, you don't have to go naked, in order to do or obey His will! Have a conscience, because the Llama's poop. #Law&Order Before Easter arrives, this Nation has to repent of misconduct towards the righteousness of God, the only righteous person in this Nation: 'Worthy is the lamb!' As angel is being portrayed in the shopping streets of London, during Christmas, and the Headquarters of Shell, left our nation and moved to Great- Britain. Going Home, towards God, is a movement, that our youth celebrates. With Easter, the time to invite Him into our lives and hearts, people can do more good, than harm!

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