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The best is yet to come!

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

After all the reproof and laughter, with Hollywood, Europe is called, to come out of poverty and small thinking. To let go of offenses and reprove them, as well; that is the job, for European Governments and Brussels, concerning Covid and other offenses. Thank God, for the Human Rights Act and Amnesty International!

When God has given you Authority, because of the Spirit living in you and after being asked or chosen, it also gives Responsibility and a Mandate for Women in Europe; to be changed and wise!

As men, you should know God's love for you, and not to misbehave or being irresponsable.

Because of His miracles, New Dawn Europe has been able, to make an impact, and prays, that the Mercy (and the Grace to know, what is sin, as well) of God, in our lives, will win in our hearts and in our work place, as well. I had to learn self-control, even though it wasn't right, what happened to me. We need the Spirit of God, that produces good fruit in our lives and distinction, with a pure (!) conscience, after Baptism. The Nations need Jesus, because they are not able, to look in His bright and blazing firing Eyes, that shows His love and affection! The best is yet to come; a little bit of heaven on earth. Read the Book of Lisa Bevere: Be angry (about sin!), but don't blow it.

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