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The fifth Anniversary!

New Dawn Europe has started, her sixth year, with the celebration of her fifth Anniversary, on the 25th of September 2023! As the Director, I was able to share the Word of God and celebrate Dutch traditional feasts, like Easter and Christmas, which are key to the Culture of Europe. Europe is build on ancient christian beliefs and customs, that differ in each European Country and even between regions. It's an honor and a privilege to make a difference in Europe, with bringing hope, knowledge and music, in order to bring change, with the grace and mercy of God! We still believe, that christians, should be the salt on the earth, as long as possible and as forgiven, as you can be! Especially, when written information is misinterpreted or abused. God remains the same, His promises are still 'Yes and!' and His Son is risen! For the best is yet to come, whilst stuck on the Rock; on which each Ministery and every life, should build: a firm Foundation, when called and forgiven, and heaven is your Destiny.

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