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The Nato and Summer 22

This year, several European Countries, applied for membership of the Nato, founded in the USA. These countries are: Finland, Sweden and Ukraïne; the last two nations do not use the Euro, as their currency. In the meantime, Albania and Northern-Macedonia are applying for membership in the European Union! This involves changes and adaptions for those nations and less money will be available, for the use of building their own, strong economy. The British, do have their own currency, but somehow they arent't able to print their own Pounds. In our nation, we are depended on the European Central Bank; we had so much blessing with the gul.den and rijk.s.daalder, until the €, came by! On the other hand, it makes it easier to pay in other countries and to create unity, despite the different languages, which keeps boundaries in place and Nations Leagues, fun to watch! New Dawn Europe prays, that the European Nations, 'will turn from their wicked ways, so that God is able to forgive their sin and bring healing into their land!' 2 Chronicles 7:14 #HappySummer22

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