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When the Sun doesn´t shine any longer!

At the beginning of 2023, I wish you a good New Year and bring happiness to someone else! The Netherlands, needs the change of hearts, because of many lonely people in the Randstad. The first Quarter of this year, the Theme will be 'Friendship'; what does a friendship involve:

  • A friend of the ship; not the Titanic;

  • Good media, also in Great-Britain;

  • A heart, willing to change;

  • Value quality, above quantity;

  • Send cards, texts and do an adventure;

  • Keeping honor and manners;

  • Love, beyond different worlds;

  • Respect, above others.

The Sun, left us, for a couple of weeks, because of a severe attack and attitudes. Honor, where honor is due! I wish you an obedient, good and sunshiny 2023!

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