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The Purpose of Evangelical Churches

After a Celebration of four years New Dawn Europe, herewith a more indepth Column, about the Purpose of Evangelical Churches! Most Names of these churches, are inspired by God, but didn't fulfill their full potential: a missed purpose, is as sin, for God, as is a disobedient member, not being changed and baptized! One of the advantages, of the Evangelical Church, is that the outward perception, is, that it looks more modern and attractive for young people. There is a modern building and modern music, with a band, to start with! Still, the Bible is taught in an old-fashioned way, whilst it should be brought, as it is written for the current Century. The Bible was neccesary, to bring truth and clarity into matters, because a Public Ministry will thrive and flourish! The Purpose of evangelical churches, was to acknowledge God in the Name of the Church and to be smart enough, to see the difference, between the wrongdoing of people and the motives of behaviour, in order to help church members to change and have a little faith on earth. Remember: a small mustard seed, can grow a big tree, that bears fruit and could have reached more people, if they had the audacity to behave, according to the laws! That brings me, to the Conclusion, that it is important for evangelical churches, to have morals and boundaries in place, despite the Spirit, elevating someone for His glory, in order to save many. Respect and equality are always keys, to see God's blessing in churches and beyond!

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